Pastor's Notes

pas chris sermon


 January, 2020


Happy New Year everyone!


Welcome to 2020, and welcome home to Tabernacle of Worship, your big faily. The motto of Tabernacle of Worship is "My Church, My Family" and we're so glad to have you as part of this big family.


Our Church theme for 2020 is "I AM BLESSED" [Ephesians 1:3-6], and our emphasis through out this year will be as follows:


• January to March : "Who God Is"

• April to June : "Who I Am"

• July to September : "What God Does"

• October to December : "What I Have"


I want to invite all of you to journey with me through this year to learn, see, experience and discover why we are all so BLESSED in Jesus Christ. Let's journey this road of discovery together. Amen!


We pray that your New Year will be a BLESSED, PROSPEROUS and GREAT one in the Lord!



Your Pastors,

Pastor Christopher & Marianne Mun

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